Thinking out loud

I’m making a list of clinical topics to be covered in CurePSP’s next annual scientific conference.  That task made me think carefully about what’s important to clinicians seeking to stay current on PSP and CBD.  So, I thought I’d share that list with you all, for what it’s worth.  Keep in mind that the laboratory research end of things will be a separate list.

  • Clinical spectrum and its pathology
  • Clinical aspects of genetics and epigenetics
  • Fluid biomarkers             
  • PET biomarkers
  • MRI biomarkers
  • Clinical outcome measures (rating scales, wearables, eye movement, gait measures, etc)
  • Gene therapy
  • Tau-directed drug trials
  • Mitochondria-directed drug trials
  • Gait retraining
  • Current best practices in symptomatic care

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