Current clinical trials

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Here’s an updated list of current and possible future clinical trials that I know of for PSP. For more information, visit and in the search box, enter the ID number in the first column. If you’re interested in joining an observational study (i.e., one not involving treatment), those are listed on the website as well.

clinicaltrials. gov IDDrugSponsorPhaseMechanismLocation(s)DosingComments
noneSodium selenateGov’t of Australia2Enhances dephosphoryl-ation of tau by protein phosphatase 26 sites in AustraliaOralRecruiting
NCT 04734379FasudilWoolsey2aRho kinase inhibitorUCSFOralCompleted recruiting; Study to end in 11/2023.
NCT 04993768TPN-101Transposon2aReduces tau productionBoca Raton, FL, Farmington Hills, MI, Las Vegas, NV, Gainesville, FL, Englewood, COOral30 patients on drug, 10 on placebo; completed recruiting; completion 7/2023
NCT 04937530RT001 (di-deuterated linoleic acid ester)BioJiva (product from Retrotope)2aReduces lipid peroxidation, enhancing mitochondrial activityUniversity of Munich (Germany)OralNon-controlled study showed very slow PSP progression over 2 years.  Small RCT results due in 11/2022.
NCT 04539041NIO-752Novartis1Anti-sense oligonucleotide; reduces tau productionRochester MN, Nashville TN, La Jolla CA, Boca Raton FL; 2 in Montreal; 5 in Germany; 1 in UKInfusion into spinal fluid at lumbar spaceStill recruiting; 4 injections into spinal space over 3 months. Completion in 5/2024.
NCT 04008355AZP2006AlzProtect1Reduces phosphor-tau by enhancing progranulin3 sites in FranceOral solution~24 patients on drug, `12 on placebo
noneAtomoxetine (brand: Strattera)Cambridge University2aFor mood disorders of PSPCambridge, UKOralNoradrenaline for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Syndromes (NORAPS).  Contact
NCT 04468932TMS in PSPOregon Health & Science U, Portland; NIHNATranscranial magnetic stimulationPortland, ORNon-invasive magnetic fieldRecruiting; Expected completion: June 2026
NCT 04014387Suvorexant and zolpidemUniv of California, San Francisco4Two approved sleep aids never before evaluated in PSPAll evaluations are remoteOralCompletion expected May 2024. No need for patient to travel to research center. The expected benefit is in sleep, not movement.
NCT 03924414Zoledronic acidCalifornia Pacific Medical Center Research Institute4Anti-osteoporosis drug to prevent fractures in neurological diseases with falling55 locations, all in the USOne intravenous infusionCompletion expected Nov 2023.
May start recruiting in the next year: 
?ASN120290Asceneuron1Reduces tau misfolding and aggregation by inhibiting O-GlcNAcase? Press release info only
?MP201Mitochon1Mitochondrial decoupler? Early in planning per press release
?Tolfenamic acidNeuroTau2NSAID that reduces tau productionCleveland Clinic, Las Vegas + others?  

3 thoughts on “Current clinical trials

    • Mr. Davey: All of these have enough scientific merit to have convinced some very smart people to part with a lot of funding. I can’t predict which might be more likely to help. Anyone thinking of enrolling in a trial should consider their own ability to comply with the study’s requirements as the most important factor.

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